Avengers: Infinity War Press Tour Kicks Off in Brazil and Mexico

The Avengers: Infinity War press tour has begun with Chris Pratt and Mark Ruffalo making appearances at fan events in Brazil and Mexico. Pratt who reprises his Guardians of the Galaxy role as Peter Quill/Starlord, makes his first appearance alongside the Avengers in what will be the biggest film event of the year. We last saw Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk in last year’s Thor: Ragnarok.

Early reviews are coming in after select media being allowed to watch 30 minutes of the film calling it hilarious and ambitious. To keep fans and everyone from being spoiled, the film will not be seen in its entirety until it has its world premiere in Los Angeles on April 23.

Avengers: Infinity War - Sao Paulo Fan Event003_cps~123009_cps~84027_cps~30DaIrp6WUMAARx-dDaIrsZIU8AA1s-Z

Images courtesy of Chris Pratt Source and Marvel

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